Welcome to the Information Age

We are in a technological revolution and it’s not going to go away.

Maybe you think technology like smartphones, tablets, computers, and other related devices are just not for you, but have you considered all the benefits you can gain if you decide to embrace technology?

Consider the following things which these devices can help you do or pursue!

  • Stay in closer touch with loved ones
  • Do your banking and pay bills online
  • Research and manage your investments
  • Look up medical information
  • Surf the internet to explore and discover things that interest you
  • Become an arm chair traveler – Nowadays, you really CAN bring the world into your living room!
  • Simplify your tasks and set up helpful reminders
  • Write and publish your book of memoirs, or even record your story. Did you know there is now software that will type FOR you when you dictate to your computer?
  • Stay in the home you love for much longer
  • Use assistance devices that help you maintain your independence
  • Research organizations you want to do business with and even learn what other people are saying about them

… and more!

I understand you might be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to learn how to use technological devices. Maybe it just feels like a lot of work to learn a new way of doing things. Or maybe you’re remembering a bad experience with something technical in the past. Or perhaps you feel technology is doing humanity a disservice. I understand that, and I encourage you to keep reading and consider the following:

What if you found out it was easier to learn than you expected – that you can actually have fun learning how to use technological devices?

What if the bad experience you once had with something technical is actually holding you back from trying something new?

Technology today has undergone major transformations because innovators and designers are working to create what they call “transparent interfaces”. That’s a fancy way of saying “really, really easy to use.”

Think of technology as simply a tool, not a replacement for relationships and face to face human interactions.

I’m not trying to change your philosophical view of technology, and there are many and varied discussions on the subject.

As any other tool, technology can be used for both good and to harm. Essentially technology will increase your reach and abilities. So why not consider it for productive and beneficial uses?

Focus on using technological devices to increase your enjoyment of life, benefit you in meaningful ways and help you connect with people you love.

That’s my intent and hope for you.