I Can Help You Tell Your Story

Bridging Art & Technology…

If you often feel constrained or challenged adapting to this quickly evolving environment, you’re not alone. I’ve worked, and continue to work, with many artists, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, and a variety of other creatively oriented individuals who have felt handicapped, dumbstruck, and even fearful of the constant and relatively quick changes, or updates, to their existing computers and mobile devices.

As a ‘tech’ and software application trainer, tutor and digital media creator/producer for the last nearly thirty years, I can relate to the barriers many experience in transitioning their skill, and art or craft, in meeting today’s increasing reliance on technology. It can sometimes be very frustrating to get your work and story out, on a digitally dominated platform, that is unfamiliar and possibly overwhelming.

Using A Computer, Smartphone or Tablet…“The problem with using any computing devices stems from mainly two causes:
1. Not knowing what a computing device can do.
2. Not knowing how to tell the computing device what you want it to do.”

Are your specific skills and creative endeavours being impeded by current technologies?

Do you feel flustered or frustrated at your inability to display, promote and distribute your product or service, on these devices?

If you are contemplating the transition, or are already in the process and are seeking assistance, I can help you tell your story by:

  • simplifying and demystifying the ‘language’ of technology to ease understanding and learning.
  • helping you choose the right hardware and software.
  • assisting you with general organization and content creation, including script writing.
  • optimizing the performance of your computer, tablet (iPad) and mobile devices (iPhone).
  • instructing you on audio and video recording and/or production.
  • providing input on your website creation and development.
  • explaining the use and possible incorporation of social media.
  • showing you how to create and distribute your own podcast, highly suited to far-reaching mobile devices.

Additional details and rates are available on request, by filling out the information on the Contact menu tab. Total privacy is assured.

About ‘The Sill’ podcast…

Produced by Connecting Dots Media,‘The Sill’ podcast was created by Peter Noce & Harry Posner and released on July 10, 2017. On this now bi-weekly podcast (began as a weekly release), we share our interests and passions with you, talking about things related to our vocational pursuits, life experiences and social views.

The original concept of our podcast was to explore areas relating to Art and Technology, evolving into a virtually ‘no limits’ conversation.

Neither of us are experts, nor do we profess to be. Our challenge with each podcast is to bring a unique perspective to the topic at hand. We are on the same level as the listener, offering up ideas and thoughts that come from our life experiences, inviting listeners to eavesdrop on what we hope is an enjoyable and interesting dialogue.