What makes Ringo a Great Drummer – Tribute by Sina

Ringo is still the most underrated drummer in Rock. This humble tribute is meant to illustrate the importance of Ringo Starr’s unique drum work for the Beatles. First of all, I need to get the credits right: Big thanks to Johnny Silver and Ian Watts for giving me permission to use their recordings for my sound samples. Johnny Silver is one of the world’s finest John Lennon impersonators. He founded ‘The Silver Beatles’ more than 20 years ago. My dad joined his band in May 1999, the month I was born and he was with the Silver Beatles for as long as 10 years. That’s the reason why Milena and I literally grew up with Beatles music. Ian Watts was with the Silver Beatles basically between 2002 and 2007. Yes, Ian is the producer of the Nursery Rhyme Collection that I started introducing every Tuesday. No, it’s not a coincidence that some of those Nursery Rhymes feature a Beatlesque sound. Drummer on the Original Recordings was Steve Heappey (sorry Steve for erasing your parts, they were excellent!) The keyboard solos for ‘In My Life’ and ‘Come Together’ were played by… right, Rick Benbow. He also played on ‘Strawberry Fields’ Johnny Silver (John’s parts) Ian Watts (Paul’s parts) Mike Wilbury (George’s parts) Sina (Ringo’s parts) Rick Benbow (Keyboards for ‘Strawberry Fields’, ‘In My Life’ ‘Come Together’, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, ‘Something’).

Beatles Abbey Road Medley • Sina feat. Emily Linge, Cara Vel & Manou Rao

Abbey Road is the favorite album of many passionate Beatles fans. The medley of Golden Slumbers, Carry that Weight, The End, and Her Majesty is the album’s pinnacle and we knew that we had to record our version someday. Obviously, there’s Rick Benbow, Ian Watts and my dad, who performed this piece many times together live on stage, but we were waiting for the perfect combination of singers. We did not look any further when we met Emily and Chiara. In order to tackle the dueling guitar bit, my dad invited Manou to replace himself on the guitar. So what about Her Majesty? Just wait for it!! Big thanks to Ian Watts who joined us on Bass for this cover. Not only has he been performing with Rick and my dad for many years, but they have also recorded the Nursery Rhyme series which I featured some time ago, they recorded together for my Chi Might project and they are basically all over the place! If you are interested in some background information, check out this video:   

Credits Emily Linge · Vocals, Piano Chiara Kilchling · Vocals, Vocal Arrangement, Guitar Manou Rao · Guitar Rick Benbow · Orchestral Arrangement, Keyboards Ian Watts · Bass Sina · Drums You can’t go wrong if you follow these young people everywhere they go.