Alike a 2015 3D computer-animated short film directed by Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez. The animation production took 5 years to complete along with the help of ex-animation student using the free 3D animation application, Blender. The animated short is a story of the relationship of a father and his son who live in a society “where order and work ethic literally choke the colour and creativity out of its inhabitants”.[


The story set is setin a bleak and colourless city where creativity is no longer present within the environment or the inhabitants. However it is only the two main characters, the father, Copi and his son who are the ones who are not colourless. In the animation, colour is metaphorically communicated throughout the story to explore and compare the lack of creativity within the setting and the characters. In the beginning, Copi gets ready for work and prepares his son for school.

On the way, the son discovers a coloured character who is a violinist performing in a park. The son becomes captivated by his
performance, however he gets interrupted by his father and continues on his way to school. When the father drops his son off to school and arrives to work, he loses his colour. While the son is at school, he attempts to be creative by drawing doodles instead doing school work. At the end of the day, the dad awaits his son to finish school and embraces him which then regains his colour back.

As the days go by of the same routine, the son is forced to be less creative at school which makes the two of them unhappy resulting both of them losing their colour. It is until one day the father tries to make his son happy by visiting the violinist at the park. However, he is no longer there. Instead, the father stands up in the park and mimes the performance of the violinist and bring happiness to his son and himself.
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