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Join Dr. Zach Bush for an in-depth conversation where he takes a macro look at the events of last year within the context of the last several decades, how disease spreads within global populations, the driving factors of mortality, and the public health statistics that support these perspectives. Now more than ever, a broad perspective can help us understand these recent events so we can make more informed decisions for our future. If not for the sake of our technological and pharmaceutical innovations, but for our families and greater public health. * This is part of the Global Health Education initiative, which makes health education free and accessible to all. More here:

Thought it worth sharing…

I just watched this 53 minute video and in combination with feedback I’ve received from various podcasts over the last 4 years, events during the last (COVID) year, and numerous exchanges which have ensued and continue, with family, friends, acquaintances, and work-related relationships, I’m inspired (driven is probably a more appropriate term), to write this.

This very recent production does a very good job of summarizing many of my own thoughts (and much more) which have contributed to some of the discussions (a few of you are also receiving this) in the aforementioned exchanges. It’s often very difficult to express viewpoints when people’s fears, negative experiences and opinions get in the way of open dialogue and discourse, so it’s partially my hope that this video presentation, should you decide to view it, will provide you with an opportunity to watch, listen and process – removing the sometimes limited exchanges in real conversations in discussions where ‘buttons’ are inevitably pressed, on either side, and one or both people stop listening, or we’re too eager to jump in before the other person has the opportunity to finish what they’re saying.

This is not intended to persuade, blame, discourage, elicit a response and so on. Again, I send this with total respect for any who have suffered or lost a loved one and to those of us that may suffer, directly or indirectly, going forward. We all have choices to make, and it’s my hope that we can remain connected and remain able to communicate with one another, irrespective of our choices – even if those choices test or threaten our respective relationships…

If you’re already anxious and/or confused, scared (or the opposite – ticked), you might want to forgo viewing.

I don’t pretend to be able to verify which depictions/comments in this video are true and which are false, and you may find parts disturbing. It’s more about food for thought and ‘allowing information’, from all sides, as none of us have all the answers, and we all have our biases, including the ‘experts’. It’s times like these, that open minds and hearts enable us to navigate troubled waters a little easier and help us all stay connected.

Just another perspective (hopefully, ‘they’ don’t try to take it down before you get a chance to view it, if you decide to). This has happened before so, fortunately people are finding more creative ways of circumventing censorship with the same fervour that the opposing side would like to silence, shutdown or discredit same – ultimately an inevitable waste of time, energy and resources on both sides (like wars). The last thing we need right now is to begin judging/fighting one another, when it’s plainly obvious that friends, family, business associates and the world at large are experiencing a level of dissonance and/or misunderstanding which, speaking for my self, I’ve not seen to this degree, in my short lifetime.

Here is the same link, again:

Hope you’re all keeping well in this crazed and sometimes very challenging world of ours and, in the meantime, you’re finding ways to enjoy life as much as possible, along with the good fortune and gratitude, which we all share in varying degrees.

On A Personal Note – April 20/21…

I know this is a very difficult time for most, if not all people, on one level or another. What I’m about to say to you here and now, is a result of numerous calls and conversations resulting from feedback on The Sill podcasts, clients I continue to work with and family, friends and acquaintances over the last year or so. I’ve certainly learned, and continue to learn, a lot about myself and other people, including friends, family, clients and acquaintances. More than ever, I’m convinced that if you really want to understand yourself and others, including beliefs and motivating forces, nothing is more revelatory than handling adversity and situations that test our resolve.

With full respect given to anyone who’s been severely affected or lost loved ones to Covid-19 or Covid-induced/hastened deaths, I think the amount of fear mongering and hysteria or panic inflicting reporting is not helping anyone, let alone being conveniently ‘customized’ (being polite) and blatantly missing ‘both’ sides of whatever equations (stats, figures, etc.) are being focused on. If you think of, or know, nothing else – remember that nearly 200,000 people die, world wide, EVERY DAY, of all causes. Should resources and aid be given to those that need it? ABSOLUTELY. Do we need to carry out general and far reaching Lockdowns and vaccinate (which remain questionable, to say the least, for many – experts included) the entire planet, when the survival rate is roughly 99.7% – I’ll leave that to your own thinking and resulting choices.

… How quickly perspective is lost in this frenetic world of misinformation and manipulation to suit whatever the end game is… Saying we have a ‘serious’ problem in Canada, when the state of Pennsylvania alone has as more cases and deaths than all of Canada, should give you some perspective or ‘pause and reflect moment’. Even with the constant deluge of info about ‘India’, they’re no where near the pro-rated numbers of the US and Brazil. It amazes me how easily most people can be simply baited, re-directed and either scared, or coerced, into submission or to simply tow the line… I’ve never seen such social and economic disconnect in my entire life. I’m still hopeful that individual critical thinking will be elevated for more people and, hopefully, enough to make some very fundamental and positive changes going forward.

“Don’t forget until everyone is safe, no one is safe.” I don’t think that this can be achieved. No matter what we do in life, there are risks involved, and some people will always be at more risk. There is no way to be ‘safe’ from viruses, for example. We’ve generally lived in harmony with them for millennia. And there is no way to make everyone ‘safe’ from them when they mutate in certain directions. We can make folks a bit more prepared by, as you say, recommending we take care of our immune systems through intake of vitamins, good diet, exercise, etc., use common sense (ie., by staying home when symptoms occur). But, other than that, with the exception of certain vaccines that have shown some efficacy, decent hygiene, etc., there is not much we can do to make everyone ‘safe’. And this attempt to make everyone ‘safe’ is what has led to this erroneous idea that lockdowns of both sick and healthy can somehow make all of us ‘safe’. Can’t be done, which is why it has NEVER been medically recommended to quarantine the healthy during pandemics. So, we find ourselves in the middle of a mass medical experiment (both at the level of lockdowns and at the level of never before applied gene therapy treatments that are erroneously being called vaccines). In the middle of such an unprecedented experiment, although it is important to right the inequalities that are endemic to so many societies, there is absolutely no way to guarantee that everyone will be ‘safe’ in the medical sense of the word.

Numbers not explained and/or understood